Sudanic Africa 1, 1990.


We would in this space like to advertise some of our companion journals.

History in Africa is published annually by the African Studies Association. Its focus is the method of African historiography. Among the contents of volume 16 (1989) are "Hausa Poems as Sources for Social and Economic History" by Mark Duffill; "Indigenous Written Sources for the History of Bonny" by Susan Haregreaves; "Studying the History of Those Who Would Rather Forget: Oral History and the Experience of Slavery" by Martin Klein; "The Presence of Islam among the Akan of Ghana: A Bibliographic Essay" by David A. Silverman and David Owusu-Ansah; "A History Manuscript in Hausa Ajami from Wurno, Nigeria" by John E. Philips and "Computer-Based Arabic Manuscript Management" by C.C. Stewart and Kazumi Hatasa; only to mention only some of the articles relating to sources.

Subscriptions are available from the A.S.A., Credit Union Building, Emory University, Atlanta GA 30322, USA

Islam et sociétés au Sud du Sahara has so far appeared with three annual issues; the fourth is due about the same time as this journal appears. Its focus is also to publish smaller studies, biographies of important persons, material and documents, as well as information about projects and events in the field of Islamic studies in sub-Saharan Africa. It has also given emphasis to bibliographic information, and has in each issue a comprehensive "Repères bibliographiques".

The journal is bilingual, English and French, but edited from the "Programme Islam Tropical" of the Maison de Sciences de l'Homme, under the editorship of Jean-Louis Triaud.

Subscriptions are at 80 FF + postage (1989), from CID, 131 boulevard Saint-Michel, F-75005 Paris.

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